Meet the CEO

Holly Seliga

Proudly reigning from Calgary, Alberta is our fearless leader, Holly Seliga, this year’s chair of CEO. Having a deep-rooted love for Queen’s, and more specifically a lifelong passion for the Commerce Program, Holly has devoted much of her time and energy to making Orientation a once in a lifetime experience. As a first-year herself, she did an incredible job of spreading her wings and gained a variety of experienced perspectives which she continues to carry with her and apply in everything she does. Always one to have an eye for fashion, when Holly isn’t gallivanting through Goodes feeling divine, you’ll likely spot her strolling the streets of the student-living area on a Saturday morning in bright yellow crocs and a well-thought out compilation of her very own stylish clothes. Always one to love a good movie, Holly’s passion for screenplay lies deeper than the average, having a love for screenwriters, producers and directors, she cites her favourites as Steven de Souza and Pieter van Hees.  Not to do her broad-spanning range of passions an injustice, Holly’s most intriguing interest is most certainly her interest in animals. Loving owls, elephants, tortoises and the immortal jellyfish, she finds a particular allure in studying the biology of older animals, and has been known to babysit her friend’s pets for comfort, all with hopes of enhancing her wisdom. Holly is itching for Orientation Week 2018, ecstatic to provide first-year students with the experience of a lifetime.

Alana Losier

All the way from Oakville, Ontario is one of the CEO’s outstanding Logistics Coordinators; Alana Losier. Alana took a heavy interest in the CEO almost immediately following her own incredible Orientation Week experience. Alana is well known for her detail orientation and relentless work ethic and her understanding of the give and take in having a busy schedule make her perfect for her role in logistics. Although supremely talented and skilled in various arenas, she is definitely not known for her athletic ability but Alana has been found using her high pitched enthusiasm in support of her favourite lacrosse and hockey teams. When back in her hometown of Oakville, Alana takes interest in landscaping and cooking and this summer she hopes to perfect the casserole. You can catch Alana during Orientation Week belting out songs from a pool of her favourites and you will definitely spot her around Goodes Hall with her patented Starbucks cup with exactly two pumps of expresso and not a single bit more. Alana is looking forward to this upcoming Orientation Week and cannot wait to embrace the incoming class of COMM ’22.

David Hawthorne

From the friendly confines of Dundas, Ontario is logistics coordinator David Hawthorne. Dave joined the CEO after a great orientation week and being named MOB (most outstanding boss). Dave is an amazing logistics coordinator and is always willing to go above and beyond staying up all hours of the day and night to get the job done. Dave is the ultimate go-getter always looking for new opportunities. He is certainly willing to flip the page in an old book in order to better understand and get to know a new opportunity in the market. At home, David is an esteemed athlete and is currently on the prestigious Dundas Chiefs baseball team. Excelling in both teamwork and positivity Dave is an asset to any team and has certainly impressed the rest of his CEO brethren. He has certainly made an impact on this year’s CEO getting to know individuals beneath surface level. On campus, you can find Dave telling a joke or two in Goodes Hall or working hard in his office. Fun fact about Dave, in his office he actually does not use chairs and feels he can get his work done better on a soft comfy couch. David is the ultimate foodie so do not be shy to ask him about his favourite spots around Kingston as he is sure to give a good recommendation! He is a texmex connoisseur so be sure to ask him about the secret to an awesome burrito or nachos! David is so excited to welcome in the incoming class of Queens Commerce students and could be more excited to see all of Comm 22’s smiling faces, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Alex Whang

Alex Whang, known by her friends and peers as Whanger, Whangshow, or occasionally even “goat”, is orientation week’s very own marketing guru. With past experiences in data analytics and information systems, Alex has developed superior analytic skills and creative assets that allow Commerce Orientation Week’s online presence to be unparalleled. Although a Toronto native, Alex is beyond proud to call Queen’s her second home with friends close enough to call family. She was quick to get involved in the Commerce Society at Smith and continues to stay passionate and involved, becoming more knowledgable, mature, and wiser with every year. A very modest woman, Alex consistently pushes herself to be engaged, and when she loses focus, she’s quick to recognize her bad action. When she’s not analyzing marketing data or studying for any and every exam, quiz, or test, you can catch Alex doing her favourite hobby, fashion designing for fictional super heroes. Her ability to create incredible designs while eliminating the use of capes is downright remarkable. Her creative skillset has an uncanny resemblance to none other than Edna Mode. Be sure to give Alex a wave and a smile during Frosh Week as she’s the wonder woman behind the photographs and the memories that tie the week all together.

Jake Sajko

Hailing from the small and unknown town of Halifax, Nova Scotia is the one and only Jake Sajko, our competent and experienced technical director. Jake’s biggest life accomplishment to date is his past role as general manager of the world renowned Cow’s Ice Cream, where he was able to put not only one, but TWO scoops of ice cream into a single cone. Jake also has a love for all things philanthropy, as the president of the Queen’s Habitat for Humanity Chapter and a member of the Queen’s Social Investment Initiative. He also has tremendous leadership abilities, as the past leader of the Board Leadership Program, where approximately three quarters of the entire Commerce class of 2021 were members. In addition to his committed philanthropic efforts, Jake has a deep love for fruit, most specifically MacIntosh apples, which he wishes he could enjoy all day long! Above all however, is Jake’s dedication. Whether that be constantly digging for gold, or attending mandatory sessions when experiencing severe injuries, Jake is always there to honour his responsibilities. With his hip and trendy playlists and artistic cinematic eye, the CEO is lucky to have Jake!

Lauren Shewfelt

Up next, arguably the most down-to-earth member of this years team, Lauren Shewfelt hails all the way from the small “tourist village” of Steveson, BC. As this years Leadership Director on the CEO, there is no doubt that each boss will become the greatest leaders for the incoming class of 2022. Though small, this west-coast gal has the heart and wisdom to surpass even those several years older than herself. Despite her busy schedule, Lauren is known for her continuous positivity and generosity. Whether in the kitchen or the classroom, she will always be willing to lend a helping hand as she lives by her “Work Hard, Do Good” mantra. As one of the most well-known faces around Goodes, you can always count on her to ensure you and your friends are welcomed and a part of the fun. Beyond her leadership skills, Lauren also has a natural talent for photography and home videography. Whether you need a mentor, a friend, or a slick new shot for your LinkedIn, Lauren is your go-to girl, and is extremely excited to welcome the incoming class to the Queen’s Commerce family!

Brandon Lin

Blin Lin hails all the way from Toronto and is one of Queen’s few alumni from the prestigious Richview collegiate school. Known for his dazzling smile and unique features, he cannot be mistaken for anybody else. However, Blin is more than just a pretty face. The Marvel Cinematic Universe lore is a specific interest to him, but due to his busy schedule has been unable to stay updated. Since attending Queen’s, he has immersed himself in the Kingston culture and always carries himself in a respectful and noble manner. As a friend, his constant ability to make the correct decision is stages above other people. Blin has been critical in fostering a strong community amongst Bosses 17’, hosting monthly board game events such as Jenga. Blin’s insatiable work ethic ensures he always leaves everyone wanting more. As a result, he creates neverending opportunities for himself and is sure to go far in life. He’s also bilingual, and if you ever see him around Goodes, be sure to say “Guten Tag!”. We’re truly lucky to have this confident, happy, energetic, empathetic, rational, and sociable lad on our team, he’s sure to make it a great orientation week.

Michaela Bodis

Michaela Bodis, reigning from Port Colborne, is a friendly face that will never fail to greet you with a smile and hug in Goodes hall. Her musical interests include Jonie Mitchell, Jason Mraz and Jesse McCartney. She also has an altruistic side and desire to help others. Her passion for mentorship and being mentored by the CEO alumni network clearly shows her desire to learn. Being the first time she left the country to go South in a while, she participated in the QCSI trip to Guatemala this year. You surely can learn more about it by talking to her or scrolling through her Instagram featuring clever and punny captions. Back in Canada, she is passionate about working with the elderly and being the proudest and the most publicly recognized student trustee. Her philanthropic and charitable past truly makes her the perfect fit for being our special events coordinator for this year. She is truly a reliable individual as she is known to finish her tasks quickly and maintain friendships from across the pond. We could not be more thankful to have her!

Melissa Anber

Melissa Anber, sometimes referred to as Mel or Mia, is one of our amazing sponsorship coordinators hailing from Montreal Quebec! Even as one of the oldest on the exec, Mia is really really young at heart. Being an amazing addition to the CEO family, Mel really values mentorship from past executive members and is excited to offer her support to the incoming first years! Mel reaches back to others for support so don’t hesitate to share a cup of joe with her and expect the same help. Mel also wants to let you know to make sure to keep your dorms and homes clean as university life can get a little messy. Within the commerce program, Mel is the Co-Chair of QSELF so if you see her make sure she can hear you ROAR!

Jacob Myers

Hailing from Oakville, ON, is our devoted sponsorship coordinator, Jacob Myers. Never one to miss out on the action, Jacob has spent the better part of his Queen’s career looking to get involved in whatever way possible, and has gone above and beyond to help ease the transition of first year students – beginning in day one of orientation week! When Jacob isn’t shooting layups on the court, you can find him in the snowy hills of ski chalets, or getting ready to throw on a pair of cowboy boots in hopes of attending the Calgary Stampede. Working for many years at an auto body shop, Jacob is the handiest man around; with extensive experience changing his own engines and pumping his own tires, this friend is always someone to turn to when in need. Whether memorizing the NATO alphabet, or rhyming off lyrics to ‘free bird,’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd and ‘sorry,’ as recorded by Justin Bieber, Jacob is known for his multi-faceted sense of self. For those who know him best, it is obvious the level of impact that the Commerce Program has held on his winning personality and childhood friendships, and he is well known for possessing a reputable sense of unwavering loyalty. Jacob is looking forward to Orientation Week 2018, where his newly acquired shark-like instincts can help another one along the ladder!

Kaleigh MacPherson

All the way from arguably Canada’s most beautiful province, Nova Scotia, Kaleigh is the first year representative on the CEO. Fresh out of her first year in the program, Kal has shown a true passion and commitment to orientation week. She successfully obtained first year representative positions for Queen’s Commerce Leadership Summit (QCLS) and Board Meeting, and can too often be found in the Starbucks line anxiously waiting to order her cool lime refresher sub lemonade and light ice! Transitioning to a landlocked province was hard for Kal, especially with her desire to swim in the ocean. Instead, you can find Kal doing laps in the pool to make her feel more at home! Kal isn’t used to walking to destinations, so don’t be surprised if you see her taking alternate modes of transportation even for the shortest distances during the week! Her contagious positivity makes her one of the most approachable people you will ever meet, don’t forget to say hi to her! If you see Kal, be sure to approach her and ask her to give you her best lion roar, which is one of her many talents!