Meet the CEO

Anthony Lisi


Weighing in at just under the needed requirement to play in the show, this selfless player hails from Toronto, Ontario. As the only child in the picture perfect family of three, it’s safe to say the Lisi parents lucked out with such a kind and ambitious young man. Not only is Anthony one of the most hard working people in the program, he’s also one of the friendliest – always trying to go deeper than surface level with the people that he works with. Although his schedule is always filled to the brim, it’s evident that Anthony does everything in his power to make time for the people that he cares about. Need a few minutes to sit down with him and discuss the inner workings of excel? He can provide you with that. Need a few hours just to chat with a friend? He can provide you with that too. Although his role is to create an immaculate Orientation Week, Anthony has gone above and beyond to ensure that there is an intimate culture among the executive – a culture that has ultimately enabled our executive to become a family. As his honorary siblings, we know Anthony’s deepest and most hoped for dreams- the biggest one being spending the remainder of his life playing in the MSG Arena. And although a great passer, this hockey super star is better known for winning battles in the corner (yes, the penalty box has become quite a home for him) – his hunger to win is one we know will help us win the week.

Christie Crocket


Introducing the one and only Christie Crocket. Hailing all the way from Newmarket Ontario, Christie has moved up the ranks from First year Rep to now Logistics Coordinator and is ready to take on Frosh Week 2017. Not only that, but Christie is a proud member of QCLS, and Queen’s Model Parliament. When Christie is not spending her time planning O-Week, you might be able to find her on Parliament Hill, you could even say this spunky blonde is logistics coordinator by day and the next Trudeau by night. When it comes to food Christie can be a little picky, but not when she’s tearing up the dance floor, that girl will break your ankles. Her soul sister Meg Long is the only one who will ever understand. With Christie’s enthusiasm and organization, there’s no doubt that this year’s frosh week will go off without a hitch.  

Laura Kong


Laura Kong, representing half of the Logistics team, is a charismatic and engaged member of the CEO – as a Boss, she fostered an amazing culture amongst her frosh group and helped transition the incoming class of 2020 to Queen’s. There is no doubt that Orientation Week 2017 will run just as smooth as the year before due to her logistical ingenuity. While Laura’s volleyball prowess and unique dance moves are her most outwardly visible traits, a little known fact about Laura is her love for large cats. Laura also has an insatiable taste in acoustic music, and has been known to travel far distances for a chance to hear her favourite artists in concert like John Mayer. Although officially acting as the Logistics Coordinator, Laura is known to help out where needed within the CEO, namely through her numerous connections in the industry that help tremendously in the Sponsorship Team’s efforts. Laura is a committed member of the Queen’s Conference on International Business and helps ensure the hiring process on the Commerce Society is fair and equitable. Arguably one of the friendliest people on the committee, be sure to say hi to Laura during the week. With her busy schedule, the CEO is lucky to have Laura!

Gabriela Garzon


Coming in extra spicy salsa hot, Ms. Gabriela Garzon is ready to put her marketing skills to the test! This gasolina dancing “Colombian Iverson” is ready to deliver the best publications and marketing collateral for the Class of 2021. When Gabi isn’t working on all things marketing for the CEO, you can find her on the dance floor busting out all her best moves to Shakira – her hips truly don’t lie!  Always ten minutes early to every event, you can find this girl working to help all incoming first years with whatever they need from all angles; whether that be tips to avoid procrastination, or fun hair styles that will have you in awe. This upcoming orientation week, if you are looking for a salsa partner or Spanish teacher, Gabie is your gal!

Ryan Callahan


Introducing our very own Technological guru, Ryan Callahan is a well-known name around the Queen’s Commerce community from all his extra-curricular involvement. Ryan is proud to hail from the Island of Oakville, where he made all of his soon-to-be Queen’s friends. One of the pivotal parts of this happy camper’s life was Camp Wenonah, where he was chewed up as a young scout and spit out as a councillor, one of the few true leaders for COMM 21. As a first year, Ryan embraced the energy of Orientation Week and made some of his closest friends – friends he still works with today! Sporting a high-quality Instagram and a Jays hat in most pictures, Ryan can be found in Goodes streaming sports during the day or spending his nights dedicated to his GPA in the library, where he struggles to keep it up. With this JT fan manning the DJ booth during Orientation Week, we expect to be jamming out to some Timberlake classics all summer long.

Megan Long

Meg 2

Is that Hermione Granger?? Actually I think it’s Bellatrix Lestrange!! Could it be Albus Dumbledore?? Wait no that’s the CEO’s very own Megan Long. Meg is in charge of preparing all of the Bosses for Orientation week as this week’s Leadership Director. With this natural born Logistics Coordinator for Queen’s Woman in Leadership, there’s no doubt she will mould each boss into a leader for the incoming class. When Meg first arrived at the Smith School of Business she immediately found ways to get involved through the Commerce Society. She understands the importance of having role models in upper years to really help  guide the younger students through the program, which is why she is trying to lend a helping hand for the incoming first year students. This Burlington-born consulting guru is a master of many talents – she could take you on in a 24 hour case while pirouetting circles around you. Megan is friendly and really easy to get along with, she is the ideal Commerce student and friend!  Some fun facts about her is that at home she owns an adorable pup who’s life is well documented on her Snapchat. Megan can think of at least 15 reasons why frosh week won’t leave anyone feeling blue. She’s really excited to work with the bosses and meet the incoming class of 2021!

Tony Yu


The ultimate quant Tony Yu is both the CEO’s money man and academic guru. Tony is well known around the halls of Goodes for his knack for meal prepping, networking and his iconic deep laugh, in fact, he makes sure he replies all in every email to ensure that the whole faculty knows about it. This class-act hails from Burnaby, BC, and one thing we know for sure is that this west-coast boy hates the cold, especially ice. This makes sense because our cold climate is not conducive to the typical habitat of his favourite bird genera – the guan. One thing he does love about Ontario, however, is the city of Niagara Falls, where Tony has been fortunate enough to visit on weekends that he is not spending in the office. In Tony’s capacity as a consulting connoisseur, he excels at any kind of case. Particularly, he loves coming up with pricing strategies, and is skilled at increasing margins through price-based costing. When it comes to Orientation Week, we believe that there is no better guy to count on – the CEO and Tony would even put money on it!

Tommy Miller


The Tom Cruise of Goodes Hall, keep an eye out this September for this handsome London, Ontario native! He’s surely earned his title as socials coordinator as one of the most likeable guys in the Commerce program, not to mention he’s a true “hit” at every social event he attends, especially at his favourite event of the year-New Year’s Eve. Truly a jack of all trades, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something in common with Tommy. His interests range from medieval weapons, to having a voice that is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus, to having a golf game that even your dad would be jealous of (although sometimes his nerves get the best of him out on the course). It’s important for any first year that hopes to wind up in his good books take note that Tommy, as opposed to most of his peers, prefers to talk business over a cold glass of water instead of going for a coffee chat. Within the Commerce Society, Tommy is already an invaluable member of both Board Meeting and the CEO, but Tommy has also always had a keen interest in QMA. When he isn’t busy charming everyone he meets with his dashing good looks and heart of gold, Tommy is busy working hard to be the best Socials Coordinator Queen’s Commerce Orientation Week has ever seen!

Alrik D'Silva

Alrik D'Silva

Alrik “ADS” D’Silva is the bigger, badder half of the Spons team for CEO ‘17. When this ‘sauga native isn’t pulling in dough for Orientation Week, he’s raising the roof for the QCLS!! This spons god is a smooth talker, takes one hell of a head shot and seals each spons deal with his great charm. Alrik has a passion for Accounting, but strangely enough, applied and was miraculously accepted to the Queen’s Consulting Association as alumni director. An interesting fact, ADS is a huge Boston Celtics fan. He’s loved the team all the way back to when they acquired Hayward in July 2017. Alrik has already been killing it in the spons field and is going to be a huge influence on the incoming class of 2021!

Jack Mozas

Jack Mozas

Ron Weasley, Prince Harry, Nicole Kidman, Damien Lewis, Archie (from the comics), and Jack Mozas. What do all of the listed have in common? Integrity. Known for scheduling his bathroom breaks into Google Calendar and booking flights to Goodes Hall, this Toronto-native is one of a kind. After growing up playing sports, Jack came into the program with an extremely regimented workout routine that he executed religiously throughout his first 1.5 years at Queen’s. This past semester, however, he saw value in expanding his toolset and taking private dance classes. If you meet Jack at some events during the week, keep an eye out for his intrinsic sense of rhythm and natural-born skill that he’s continued to develop over the past year! As a Boss, Jack took particular interest in the logistical elements of the week, and was keen to support last year’s tandem in whatever capacity he could. He has sustained his interest in the timing and details of the week and is working very closely with this year’s logistics team in a supporting role. While his primary interest lies in days two and four, he is keen to help Christie out wherever he can too! While Jack is often considered a “young guy”, he is wise beyond his years and extremely dedicated to executing a stellar Orientation Week!  

Alana Losier


Hailing from Oakville, Ontario, Alana is the first-year rep on the CEO. Having developed a strong relationship with the CEO and its alumni network, she is the perfect fit for the position! Alana attended the prestigious Iroquois Ridge High School, and is fluent in French and English. She encourages everyone to say both bonjour and hello during frosh week, as she loves it when you can have it both ways! An ambitious young woman, Alana hopes to one day be Prime Minister, and cites her political icons as being Justin Trudeau and George Bush. This baby wolf is one of the friendliest faces around Goodes, and you can catch her on campus doing laps in the busiest pool at Queen’s, or saying cheers to everyone she sees. Alana is so excited to welcome the incoming class of 2021, and hopes that her week is mired in fun!